What is ADS-B?

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ADS-B is a system that tracks and relays aircraft traffic to ground stations and other aircraft.  ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. ADS-B is: Automatic – It works on it’s own, the pilot doesn’t need to do anything Dependent – Unlike radar, ADS-B relies on other aircraft being equipped with the right equipment. Surveillance […]


What is Controller Pilot Data Link Communications?

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Radio frequencies at airports are becoming more and more congested over time and those frequencies will not be able to keep up with the increase in air traffic.  Also, when air traffic controllers issue instructions to arriving and departing flights, there is a chance of error.  The controller could issue a long clearance, and when […]



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Is RVSM authorization granted through the issuance of OpSpec or an Letter of Authorization (LOA)? Per Advisory Circular (AC) 91-85 if you are a part 91 operator or a part 125 operator holding a letter of deviation authority (LODA), you will simply be issued an RVSM LOA after the RVSM authorization process has been successfully completed.  […]