CPDLC LOA Application


RVSM Solutions can help you obtain your Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) LOA (A056).  We can provide you with a completed Data Link package that includes everything you need to receive your LOA.  The Data Link LOA application package meets all the FAA requirements.

CPDLC Pricing

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) A056 Letter of Authorization (LOA) Application – $1,000

The application package includes:

  • A completed Data Link Application/Compliance Guide
    • Ensuring your authorization table is completed correctly
    • Aircraft Eligibility
      • Statement of compliance
      • Documentation of subnetworks
      • Documentation of aircraft allocated requirements of RCP and RSP specifications, etc.
    • Operational Requirements
      • Data link monitoring procedures
      • Latency timer procedures
      • Voice communication procedures
      • Emergency procedures

When we send you the application package, you simply need to review the documents, sign the cover letter, and submit to your FSDO or IFO.

CPDLC Application Sample Pages

Here is a short sample of a few pages used in our CPDLC Application Package.


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