What is Controller Pilot Data Link Communications?

Radio frequencies at airports are becoming more and more congested over time and those frequencies will not be able to keep up with the increase in air traffic.  Also, when air traffic controllers issue instructions to arriving and departing flights, there is a chance of error.  The controller could issue a long clearance, and when that clearance is read back by the pilot, there is potential that the clearance was read back incorrectly and the controller might not catch the mistake.  Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) systems will help improve efficiency, reduce errors and increase safety.  CPDLC is basically a text message service that takes place between pilots and air traffic controllers.  CPDLC reduces communications during ground and en route operations. 

An application of CPDLC is issuing departure clearances.  In an aircraft that has the required equipment installed, pilots will log on to the system through the Flight Management Computer (FMC) and send a clearance request which is seen by an air traffic controller on a computer.  The controller can then simply issue the departure clearance with one click of the mouse. 

Another advantage of CPDLC is the efficiency in which departure re-routes can be handled.  Instead of a long radio transmission, a clearance message with new routing information can be sent directly to the aircraft FMC.

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